Who Are We?

Well, we're really a big family. A team of candy-loving, hard working individuals co-operating to bring you the best candy shoppe experience you've ever had! We focus on creating a welcoming and memorable environment that we share with each and every customer.


Where Are We?

We are 1 of 24 stores located within the Shoppes At East Wind in Wading River, NY; A fun family-friendly shopping center featuring multiple dining options, classes, retail stores and more!

Most Shoppes are individually owned by local business owners. Providing a brand new, safe, and unforgettable shopping environment! All while creating good jobs, building community, improving variety, and supporting entrepreneurship.

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Visit: www.eastwindlongisland.com/shoppes/ 


How Was It Created?

Sweet Cart Candy Shoppe was established in 2017. When founder, Miguel Vergara, took a stroll through the Shoppes At East Wind and stumbled upon the perfect setting for our candy shoppe! Miguel is a local resident of 13 years, a former NYPD Detective, & Army National Guard Soldier. Alongside his family, Miguel built the incredible candy shoppe we have today!