What The Fudge?

What Is Fudge?


Well, in the most simple terms: Fudge is a confection made by combining sugar, butter, and milk! The fudge mix is heated to a soft consistency in a kettle at ~240°F. It is poured into a pan where any additional toppings/ingredients are added & lastly cooled overnight.

'One of the most important attributes of fudge is its texture. The end-point temperature separates hard caramel from fudge.' - Wikipedia.com

No one knows with certainty who made the first batch of fudge. A purely American invention, most accounts agree it was the result of an accident that occurred while making another confection.


Our flavors vary based on availability. Some of our staple flavors include: Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Mint Chocolate Swirl, Vanilla Pecan, Orange Cream, and More!

Seasonal Flavors Include: Pumpkin Pie, Churro, Caramel Apple Pie, Gingerbread, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cotton Candy and More!


Is Our Fudge Gluten / Nut Free?

We're often asked, "Is your Fudge Gluten / Nut Free?". Our Fudge Mix is gluten free, although it may contain traces of wheat due to the use of other ingredients in some of the seasonal flavors. Our Fudge also contains traces of peanuts / tree nuts due to shared equipment.

How Good Is It?

Our Fudge is well-known for it's creamy texture, accurate flavor, and balanced sweetness. We always have free samples of any & every flavor in-store!